In today’s world, businesses are heavily reliant on Technology and the Internet. Increasingly data is becoming crucial to the core functioning of a business and an invaluable resource. This is why businesses need Cyber Security for the protection of data, network and cloud services from Cyber-attacks.

Why Cyber Security is Important?

Cyber Security provides safeguarding of all types of data against malicious theft and financial loss. Sensitive data of employees, customers and organisations, personally identifiable information, intellectual property, protected health information, and more need to be secure. Furthermore it is important to protect the networks and devices of your organisation from attack.

It should be your top priority to hire a Cyber Security Practitioner and/or Consulting Company that will provide and lead Cyber Security Functions and Services.

Types of Cyber Threats that can impact your business

There are multiple ways in which bad actors maliciously hack/attack your organisation’s network. Let us walk you through some common cyber threats against which HyperSecureIT provides solutions.

Malware is a very common technique used by a bad actor for installing harmful software on your organisation's network and blocking access to your computer resources. It can disrupt systems resulting in secretly transmitting crucial information from your data storage.

Malware can happen by opening an attachment or by clicking on a malicious link.

The bad actor sends a malicious email (convincingly spoofed to appear legitimate) tempting employees to open the link in the email resulting in revealing confidential information to the attacker or allowing the installation of malware.

Ransomware is a type of Malware. In ransomware, the bad actor hacks the network and blocks access or steals confidential data by encrypting it and demanding a ransom, which in most cases money to return access to your system/data.

Social Engineering heavily relies on human interaction and makes use of psychological manipulation by tricking users into making mistakes to seize sensitive information.

SQL Injection is an attack that involves spoofing and tampering with the existing data by inserting malicious code in SQL statements via web page input.

Why Choose HyperSecureIT for Cyber Security Services?

HyperSecureIT is one of the leading Cyber Security consulting companies in Geneva, Switzerland and we provide best-in-class Cyber Security Services.

Our Cyber Security Consultants are skilled experts in identifying potential security threats and risks, risk assessment, and vulnerability management.

At HyperSecureIT, we provide training to our clients and their employees on recognizing security breaches and risks, and how to stay alert from Phishing, Malware, Social Engineering, Trojans, and other types of cyber-attacks.

Below are our main security partners’ products with whom we are working and providing Cyber Security Consulting Services.

  • Risk Recon
  • Ground Labs
  • Microsoft
  • NetSPI
  • Cyber Monk

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