Penetration Testing.

Web application penetration testing is a process of simulating cyber-attacks against websites, web applications, or any web services to identify probable threats and detecting their vulnerabilities.

Pentesting is a crucial process for organisations seeking to protect their assets from cyber-attacks. By identifying vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by hackers, organisations can take steps to secure their systems and reduce the risk of a data breach or other cyber attack.

Performing web app penetration testing as part of your Software Development Life Cycle or SDLC process would be the most effective strategy for winning against critical web application vulnerabilities. This ethical hacking engagement is designed specifically for assessing the design, architecture, and configuration of web apps.

At HyperSecureIT, our cyber security experts perform a series of simulated attacks for replicating the malicious attacks, testing the vulnerability’s magnitude, and uncovering the loopholes and the efficacy of the overall app security posture of your organization.

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